Accurate and quick measurement of materials' resistivity
   Low Resistivity Meter (Measurement Range 10-4 -107Ω)
   Intelligent resistivity meter equipped with 4-pin adjustment factor calculation software.

  • Production engineering
  • Quality Control
  • R & D

Conducting coatings, inks and pastes; galvanizing; conductive plastic rubber; metallic membrane, ITO thin film, electrode materials

  • Lower measurement range expanded to 10-4Ω.
  • Intuitive operation with functional 7.5-inch color LCD Touch-Screen.
  • Expanded measuring range, 10-4 -107Ω
  • Silicon Mode for silicon wafer measurement
  • One-touch automatic measurement by new functions, Auto-hold and Timer Mode.

For variety of samples, it have a wide selection of probe options.
*Special shape probes are available.

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