At Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, our corporate mission is to contribute to the cause of “good chemistry” by developing cutting-edge technology brimming with limitless potential.
Global environmental problems are the inevitable by-product of the increasing breadth and scale of human activity in recent years. In addition, global warming caused by greenhouse gases and pollution of the atmosphere and water supplies attributable to toxic discharges are having major health impacts. Humankind needs to pursue a variety of strategies in order to restore the environment to a state that can support sustainable development.
Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech works at the forefront of measurement and analysis technology, supplying a range of products and services that provide genuine solutions in the energy and environmental domains for the benefit of humankind and the planet.
We are united in our commitment to developing the finest technology and delivering products tailored to the needs of the marketplace. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

March 1 2014
Hiroshi Kurihara
Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, Co., Ltd.

Karl Fischer Moisture Meter


Vaporizer for Karl Fischer Moisture Meter




Automatic Titrator

Auto-sampler for Automatic Titrator

Elemental Analysis

Injector for NSX-2100 Series



Karl Fischer Reagent


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