Microtrac strives to provide you with innovativereliableand repeatable particle size, shape and charge instrumentation.

Particle analysis instruments are used in virtually every industry, from pharmaceutical to food processing. Our instruments have even been used in the analysis of interplanetary materials like moon rock.

Microtrac particle characterization instruments are used by top industry professionals to conduct the following analysis:

  • Particle Size Measurements
  • Zeta Potential Analysis
  • 3-D Image Analysis
  • Molecular Weight
  • Dust Characterization

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we can help you find a solution to fit your specific needs at Microtrac.

Laser Diffraction Systems

Since the release of the 7991 in 1974, the first commercially available particle size analyzer, Microtrac has been at the forefront of delivering laser diffraction systems.

Dynamic Light Scattering Systems

Since the release of the UPA in 1990, Microtrac would go on to become the preferred manufacturer of Dynamic Light Scattering instruments for nano-particle measurements.

Image Analysis System

Whether you are searching for basic image analysis, 3D image analysis, or Online image analysis capability, Microtrac has a particle image analyzer to fit your needs.

Application Center

Having over 35 years of particle characterization experience, Microtrac has developed an extensive library of Application Notes.Please click on the title link of an application note to download a PDF file and view the complete note of interest.

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Webinar Library

Stay up-to-date with Microtrac's particle characterization presentations.

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